Andrii Mishchenko: ”I create clever print ads every day”

Andrii Mishchenko: ”I create clever print ads every day” Andrii Mishchenko works in a creative agency from Ukraine. Two months ago he decided to improve his creative skills. So he challenged himself for 365 days challenge. That’s what he say about his new goal: ”This challenge means I have to post creative print advertising every day (except weekends:)). Each day I choose one brand randomly. Then I analyze all the communication and advertising…

How to Advertise Potatoes

If you haven’t seen the movie “The Martian,” then it might seem strange to see a DVD placed for sale next to bag of potatoes. Long story short, Matt Damon on movie ”The Martian” was growing potatoes on Mars. But for those who have, the Albert Bartlett potato company’s deal with Twentieth Century Fox to use Matt Damon’s face and their film to sell tubers is a stroke of genius….

Creative Print Ads Part 1

  1. APPLE BEER – The Soft Drink from Real Apples 2. APPLE BEER – The Soft Drink from Real Apples 3. The Furniture Warehouse – Maybe It’s Time 4. PANTENE PRO-V – The Haircare Collection 5. PANTENE PRO-V – The Haircare Collection 6. Tide – Rescue Stains, Love Your Clothes 7. Tide – Rescue Stains, Love Your Clothes 8. Tide – Rescue Stains, Love Your Clothes 9. The Furniture Warehouse – Maybe It’s Time

Bendix Corporation. Print Ad From the 70s (This isn’t the generation gap we’re worried about)

bendix print ad

During the sixties and seventies, print art directors were the advertising industry’s luminaries. These masters of ”creative” designed the memorably beautiful ads of the era. One of this is Bendix print ad from the 70s. Bendix was engineering and manufacturing corporation which made automotive brake shoes, aircraft brakes, electric power systems, hydraulics etc. After 60 years of work, this company was absorbed in 1983. Reading this pitch, you can still…

Brand = Adjective

volvo gif

Brand = Adjective Each brand has his own adjective. According to Dan Wieden: ”Nike exhorts, IBM solves, Sony dreams.” Brand = Adjective. It might be difficult to differentiate your advertised brand from the others. One of the ways is to say: ”This type of drink is tasty and healthy, and the other company’s brand is not.” The problem is that company is competing with not the one brand. It can be…

ALDI Released Parody Advert of John Lewis Christmas Advert

John lewis vs. ALDI

John Lewis Christmas advert is really sensitive and beautiful. This is the story of a young girl looking at the moon through her family telescope. One night finds a man on the moon. And here you can check ALDI Christmas advert. Aldi prices are anything but astronomical!