Charlestown Kidnapping Suspect to Face New Rape Charges

The man accused of kidnapping a 23-year-old woman and holding her captive in his Charlestown apartment was ordered to be held without bail on Friday until mid-March, when he’ll face new charges of aggravated rape following his completion of a mental health evaluation.

Victor Pena, 38, was arrested Jan. 22 in connection to the disappearance of a woman who, at the time, was last seen leaving a bar Jan. 19 in Boston. She was found in Pena’s apartment after authorities established a timeline with the help of surveillance videos and traced a digital trail she left behind.

A court clinician described Pena as displaying psychotic behavior in January, and was ordered to be held without bail pending the completion of a mental health evaluation at Bridgewater State Hospital. During Friday’s hearing, the suspect was found competent to stand trial.

He was previously charged with kidnapping in connection to the case, and on Friday, prosecutors announced he would face three counts of aggravated rape in his next court appearance.

The suspect’s family has defended the man’s actions and said he “didn’t do it.”

“Only thing he said is, he said ‘she was drunk, she asked me for help, I helped walk her, I went to my place, and I didn’t even touch this girl,'” Jose Pena said of his brother. Jose Pena also said he doesn’t believe his brother is competent to stand trial.

Pena’s attorney told NBC10 Boston that they have much to go through pending the new charges.

“At the same time that he was standing there, she was either on the phone or had been on the phone, so she had access to a phone,” William Barabino, Pena’s attorney, said. “That’s what we got coming into today.”

Pena is due back in court on March 15 for a dangerousness hearing and is expected to be arraigned on the aggravated rape charges at that time.

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