Andrii Mishchenko: ”I create clever print ads every day” Andrii Mishchenko works in a creative agency from Ukraine. Two months ago he decided to improve his creative skills. So he challenged himself for 365 days challenge. That’s what he say about his new goal: ”This challenge means I have to post creative printRead More →

  1. APPLE BEER – The Soft Drink from Real Apples 2. APPLE BEER – The Soft Drink from Real Apples 3. The Furniture Warehouse – Maybe It’s Time 4. PANTENE PRO-V – The Haircare Collection 5. PANTENE PRO-V – The Haircare Collection 6. Tide – Rescue Stains, Love Your Clothes 7. TideRead More →

Android friends furever

The one minute, Android ‘Friends Furever’, advertisement went viral in early 2015. Extremely cute video of various animals hanging out together. Commercial sends a sensitive message for people, saying: ” be together, not the same”. Background music is Disney’s song from the 1973. Called ”Oo-De-Lally” from the animated movie –Read More →

Vintage Car Ads from the 90s

Toyota Celica (1992) 2. Jeep Cherokee (1992) 3. Mitsubishi Eclipse (1990) 4. Alfa Romeo 164LS (1994) 5. Toyota Supra (1996) 6. Daihatsu (1996) 7. Ford Ranger Truck (1993) 8. Jeep 4×4 (1999) 9. Mitsubishi Eclipse (1997) 10. Chevrolet Monte Carlo (1997)    Read More →

Edward thorndike

Edward Thorndike (1874 – 1949). In 1898, he formed the source for his learning theories. To Thorndike, the most basic form of learning was trial-and-error learning. He made an experiment with a cat by putting it in a puzzle box. The animal would attempt to escape to get at theRead More →

Nissan logo

We already talked about Pavlov and his behaviourism theory. Next thing we want to introduce you are persuasion theory – called ‘Cognitive theory’. What’s the difference between behaviourism and cognitive theory? Behaviourism states that we can be stimulated to make change associations. Cognitive approaches, that we are already programmed. In other words, theRead More →

Times square

Advertising should not be cut in difficult times. One of the major things is that increasing advertising during the recession leads to increase in market share and sales. Furthermore, that effect seems to last beyond the recession and the response to advertising during a recession may be higher than thatRead More →

Its not for women

It has been strongly evident that the media has played a large role in gender stereotyping for decades. Today’s advertisements do not reflect what women have achieved in our society. Advertisements often ignore women who reach career ladders. Also, women who become doctors, lawyers, politicians, entrepreneurs, decision makers, and businessRead More →

Bmw and girl

Behaviourism was the first system of psychology to influence marketing and in nowadays it is still a viable system. There are at least three forms of behaviourism: Pavlovian conditioning (classical conditioning); Operant conditioning; Tolman’s behaviourism. Classical conditioning is behaviourism of John B. Watson. He is credited as a founder ofRead More →

Effectiveness advertising

This article is about Xbox 360 TV advertisement ‘’The Cops and Robbers”, which was banned by Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). This is the organization which makes sure that all the advertisements are decent, honest, legal and truthful. They take actions which need to fight against offensive, misleading or violence advertisements,Read More →

Beyonce gif

The advertisement makes a great deal in today’s commercial world. There are good advertisements and bad advertisements; online and offline; traditional and modern. In this article, I have chosen few ads and have analysed in what ways it’s depicted as good and bad. When you talk about an advertisement, theRead More →