Android: ‘Friends Furever’ – 1 Minute Commercial

Android friends furever

The one minute, Android ‘Friends Furever’, advertisement went viral in early 2015. Extremely cute video of various animals hanging out together. Commercial sends a sensitive message for people, saying: ” be together, not the same”. Background music is Disney’s song from the 1973. Called ”Oo-De-Lally” from the animated movie – ”Robin Hood”.

Cognitive Theory – ‘Bowflex’ and ‘Nissan’ ads

Nissan logo

We already talked about Pavlov and his behaviourism theory. Next thing we want to introduce you are persuasion theory – called ‘Cognitive theory’. What’s the difference between behaviourism and cognitive theory? Behaviourism states that we can be stimulated to make change associations. Cognitive approaches, that we are already programmed. In other words, the cognitive theory just rejects behaviourism. (Lisa Fritscher, 2011) Pavlov theory states that advertisement receivers can be active participants in the…

Effectiveness/Ineffectiveness of Advertising Campaign. Xbox – ‘Cops and Robbers’. Part 2

Effectiveness advertising

Creative strategy, message and channel factors: It is known fact that there should be an element of creativity in advertising. This creativity is to create something new, unique, extremely attractive and appealing to the consumers. It takes a long time planning and part of the copywriter and creative director who shapes the final advertisement. A creative advertisement is developed on sound strategy, outstanding visuals, correct application of timing and media….

Issues in Advertising

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The advertisement makes a great deal in today’s commercial world. There are good advertisements and bad advertisements; online and offline; traditional and modern. In this article, I have chosen few ads and have analysed in what ways it’s depicted as good and bad. When you talk about an advertisement, the first thing comes into mind is the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). An Organization which makes sure that all the advertisements…