Andrii Mishchenko: ”I create clever print ads every day” Andrii Mishchenko works in a creative agency from Ukraine. Two months ago he decided to improve his creative skills. So he challenged himself for 365 days challenge. That’s what he say about his new goal: ”This challenge means I have to post creative printRead More →

  1. APPLE BEER – The Soft Drink from Real Apples 2. APPLE BEER – The Soft Drink from Real Apples 3. The Furniture Warehouse – Maybe It’s Time 4. PANTENE PRO-V – The Haircare Collection 5. PANTENE PRO-V – The Haircare Collection 6. Tide – Rescue Stains, Love Your Clothes 7. TideRead More →

absolut vodka gif

People deny advertising effect on them. They say they get over it, they are smarter than that. They only choose a product, they really need. But in the end, somehow they bought exactly this brand, or they friends recommended exactly this vodka… Great example by Luke Sullivan: ”1980 – AbsolutRead More →

7up vintage ad

7up Vintage Print Ads Original 7up was created by Charles Leiper Grigg. Before that, he used to work is sales and advertising. Later on, he moved to soft drink business. In 1929, he invented a drink called: Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Sodas. The name was too long and it was changedRead More →

”You don’t sail a boat just to get across the water. The fun is in the doing. The pleasure of motion under control. Mustang drivers understand that. If all they wanted was to get from here to there, they’d be driving something else. Not a Ford Mustang. With independent frontRead More →