Unethical Life Pro Tips from Reddit Experts


Unethical Life Pro Tips from Reddit Experts

Life doesn’t come with an instruction book, and yet some people seem to have it all figured it out. Luckily, they’re willing to share their expertise with the rest of us. You can always take a shortcut and go to Reddit to peek at a treasure trove of the most amazing life tips and tricks. Disclaimer: Unethical life pro tips are jokes. You don’t need to take them seriously:

1) “Now this is a truly unethical life pro tip. You have to keep this one in mind”

Save your dead light bulbs; whenever you are at a hotel, swap your bulbs for your room’s bulbs.

2) “That’s her! That’s the one that stole my heart!”

Trying to find your perfect partner? Just tell the police someone robbed you, and when they ask for a description just describe exactly the sort of person you find most attractive – they’ll get a bunch of them in a line up for you!

3)Oh, those alcoholic teenagers!

Need some money? Over the legal alcohol purchasing age? Go to a high school party and offer to buy booze. Collect money from all the kids and never come back.

4) “Or buy a reflective vest. I can almost guarantee you can get almost anywhere with one of those.”

Want to get backstage? Grab a garbage bag out of garbage bin, throw it over your shoulder, keep a straight face, and walk backstage.


5) “Yeah but if I wanted to hang out with a bunch of dudes who consume a lot of pornography I’d just browse Reddit from my home.”

Having a dry spell? Attend a sex addiction support group for an easy lay.

6) “It would make more sense to steal it.. that way you have one and they have one…..”

If you don’t know what to buy someone for Christmas, break something they own so that you can buy them a new one as a gift.

7) “Why not skip the gap and say you had a miscarriage last month?”

If a relative keeps asking you about having kids, lie that the wife is pregnant. A few months later, tell them there was a miscarriage so they’ll feel uncomfortable bringing up the subject again.

8) “This is also how you end up with a ground floor room with no views.”

when booking your honeymoon, ask for a handicapped hotel room. You’ll have a sex seat built into your shower and a variety of convenient bars designed to support human weight to assist in your “honeymooning”


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