Effectiveness / Ineffectiveness of the Advertising Campaign Part 1

This article is about Xbox 360 TV advertisement ‘’The Cops and Robbers”, which was banned by Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). This is the organization which makes sure that all the advertisements are decent, honest, legal and truthful. They take actions which need to fight against offensive, misleading or violence advertisements, direct marketing or sales promotions. (ASA, 2012)
TV advert for the Xbox 360 is full of stunt street drivers and Parkour tracers. The advertisement shows three robbers wearing masks and running away from cops. They try to avoid the cops by moving along the rooftops of buildings. They are doing dangerous jumps from buildings to window ledges and trying to reach a waiting car as fast as they can. In the end, there’s a twist to the story. All the chasing is revealed to be just a mischievous game of ‘cops and robbers’ amongst friends. Then they start the countdown to begin another game. (Inspiration Room, 2007)

Advertiser: Microsoft Corporation Creative Director: Geoff Edwards/Scott Duchon
Brand name: Xbox Copywriter: Rick Herrera
Product: Xbox 360 Art Director: Ben Wolan
Agency: Mccann Worldgroup Agency Producer: Matthew Winks
Country: United States Director: Garth Davis
Category: Video Games/Consoles Editor: John McNeil/Rob Bagot
Released: November 2006
Released: November 2006 (AdverToLog, no data)

Advertising agency and advertising campaign’s aim:
The McCann Erickson agency, which can see nowadays, is the result of a 1930 merger in New York between two early leading agencies. The H. K. McCann Company started they work with “Truth Well Told” in 1912. The both agency founders were industry pioneers whose contributions encompassed establishing both the core general practices and ethical guidelines of the industry. This included their roles in helping to launch the American Association of Advertising Agencies and the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Furthermore, The McCann Erickson Worldwide network is one of the world’s biggest and certainly one of the most coordinated and integrated global advertisement agency system. (McCann, no date)

Understanding of product being advertised:
The Cops and Robbers ad was addressed to the European teenagers and young adults in bigger cities and capitals. Fro this advertisement young man is more targeted. We cannot forget feminine as well because there is a woman appearance in the advertisement. Also, it represents the actual proportion of female who are interested in computer games. It was also made to reach those with the need of action-packed entertainment. The goal of this campaign was to create cinematic ads to diffuse in theatres in order to associate with the current experience the viewer is about to get, and, therefore, to remember it after the movie. On a more collateral view, the internet was also exploited by making the viral campaign over many of websites and blogs, which are related to the digital entertainment. (Tahar Oudghiri, no data)
“We wanted to show how Xbox 360 lets you play in unexpected, new ways and remind us of how we feel when we’re really having fun with our friends,” said Richard Teversham, EMEA Director of Marketing and Platform at Xbox. “This campaign really brings out the sociability of Xbox 360 and taps into the playfulness that we all have in us. With Xbox 360 you get all the exhilaration and emotion that a simple game of Cops and Robbers inspires – but now that fun’s evolved into high definition.” (TeamXbox, 2006)

Product, advertisement’s shape and communication:
In answer to a need for strategic discipline and innovative stimulating during advertising planning, Foote, Cone & Belding explored and create a comprehensive communication model. It is combined high-low involvement and left-right brain specialization. It says that advertising for different products should use high or low involvement and those which required mostly thinking for left brain or feeling for the right brain in information processing. (Vaughn Richard, 1986) Using Foote, Cone & Belding Grid it can be assumed that advertised product (Xbox) is low involvement product. These suggest a need for advertising which emphasizes personal satisfaction. (Ratchford, B T, 1987) For example, the same as other satisfaction products like cigarettes, liquor, candy, food or monetary reward. Researchers found that teenagers who play video games frequently tend to have brains with larger pleasure centres, what could be a good reason by designing advertising and make it communicate with consumers effectively. (Tuan Mai, 2011)
This shaped advertisements design and communication. Knowing that this advertisement campaign is more targeted on teenagers, they are trying to communicate with them by increasing tension, adrenaline and action. The advertisement is shaped like an action movie, which tells consumers that they can experience same emotions playing against friends on Xbox. (teamxbox, 2006)
For example, advertisements design is extremely similar to French-made action movies in the 2000’s. The main dominated colour is black with tan tones. The advertisement made with a need of action-packed entertainment, like in the movie Banlieue 13, with the same main actors and stunts as in the movie. (Tahar Oudghiri, no date)

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