Issues in Advertising

The advertisement makes a great deal in today’s commercial world. There are good advertisements and bad advertisements; online and offline; traditional and modern. In this article, I have chosen few ads and have analysed in what ways it’s depicted as good and bad. When you talk about an advertisement, the first thing comes into mind is the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). An Organization which makes sure that all the advertisements are legal, decent, honest and truthful. They will take necessary actions against misleading or offensive ads, sales promotions, direct marketing. (ASA, 2012)

  • Banned Skype TV ad:
    Skype’s television campaign featured an advertisement where the father is using the online phone service with a webcam so that he could show his parents his newborn baby.


Skype TV ad tried to show their services in the best possible way.
Good marketing strategy is capturing the sophistication of mobile phones online services. The advertisement is picturing the father’s joy and happiness of how the technology can take you to a new experience level. This kind of emotional value boosts the confidence about the company. Express happiness and good feelings for the consumers by using words “beautiful”, “baby”. Has a feel good soundtrack.

The Advertisement was misleading consumers over the picture and audio quality of making video calls. (The guardian, 2009) Despite the environmental factors as broadband speed, webcam, and latest software’s, Skype makes an impression that you can have the highest quality video calls. The Advertisement used fake sound and vision of the webcam. (Telegraph, 2009)

  • Banned Xbox 360 – Cops and Robbers TV advert: TV ad for the Xbox 360 is featuring stunt drivers and Parkour tracers. The Advertisement shows three robbers wearing masks and running away from cops. They are trying to evade cops by scaling the rooftops of buildings. They are taking crazy leaps from buildings to window ledges and into a waiting getaway car. (Inspiration Room, 2007)

Advertisement attracts attention because of extreme stunt tricks like jumping from one house roof to another. Has full of action like car chasing, helicopters and car stunt tricks. The advertisement has a great twist story as the chase revealed to be just a mischievous game of ‘cops and robbers’ amongst friends. They swap masks and police badges, immediately starting the countdown to begin another game. (Inspiration Room, 2007)

The Advertisement may inspire young people for street car racing, dangerous and reckless driving. According to ASA commercial broke the rules relating to health and safety; driving standards. (Instamedia, 2007) (Ad breached CAP (Broadcast) TV Advertising Standards Code rules 6.7 (Health and safety) and 11.9.1(Driving standards)). (ASA, 2007)

  • Beyoncé’s “HEAT” perfume ad has been banned from British TV before 7.30pm. The ad shows the singer lying naked in the middle of a room. In the next scene, she is wearing a revealing red satin dress and walking towards the camera, touching her neck and moving her hand across her chest. (Daily Mail, 2010)

Advertisement attracts attention by showing one of the world’s most successful celebrity women. It grabs a lot of attention on men, by showing Beyoncé lying naked in the middle of a room. (Daily Mail, 2010) The advertisement has a good combination of colours. Red symbolizes warmth, strength and passion. The ad conveys perfumes main idea.


The advertisement is sexually provocative. Showing a woman’s dress slipping away to partially expose her breasts. The advertisement is unsuitable for children. Causes sexism and woman’s body image. (NME, 2010) The singer is walking towards the camera, touching her neck and moving her hand across her chest. (Daily Mail, 2010)

General trends in online and offline advertising:

Advertising on the Internet and the traditional media has their own advantages and disadvantages. By knowing the fact that the Internet is growing and has evolved as an extremely important medium for advertisers and marketers, online advertisement is in big competition with traditional media. (Komal Nagar, 2009)

Online advertising:

The reason why many companies are keener in online media is a purely global reach, audience selectivity and multimedia capacity. Besides, you can choose between corporate logos, banners, pop-up messages, e-mail messages and many more. The biggest Internet advantage is a reasonable price range and unlimited advertising space. Traditional media cannot offer it very often. Also, online media act as a sales and distribution channel. For example, consumers who want to buy a product advertised on the web – can do it online. (Komal Nagar, 2009)
On the other hand, that kind of advertisement may cause intrusiveness. When consumers visit a website, they typically have a goal in mind and rather pay attention to ads. Especially when pop-up messages can be extremely annoying. It may result in users choice to avoid visiting certain sites. (Hearst Communications, 2012) Furthermore, users can face up viruses or irrelevant messages. Which It will not help to build trust for brand nor a website. (Komal Nagar, 2009)

Offline advertising:
Major benefits of traditional advertising are to be capable of choosing required auditory. Newspapers and journals allow you to reach a huge number of people in a given geographic area. You have the flexibility in deciding the ad size and placement within the newspaper. It can be as large as necessary to communicate as much of a story as you care to tell. Exposure to your ad is not limited; readers can go back to your message again and again if so desired. Free help in creating and producing ad copy is usually available. Quick turnaround helps your ad reflect the changing market conditions. The ad you decide to run today can be in your customer’s hands in one to two days. (PowerHomeBiz, 2004)
Companies typically rely on radio and television advertising. Despite criticism for high costs, advertisers have the best chance to reach a large audience through television. Reach is the total number of people exposed to your advertising message. Companies focused on generating brand awareness often have reached as a major goal. It is not uncommon for the most highly rated prime-time television shows to have 20 to 30 million viewers on a given night. In addition, TV ads are more in common with creativity. It usually gives greater meaning to a brand beyond its basic products. TV ads can create emotional connections. Incorporate characters that the audience can relate to and offer multi-sensory appeal. (Hearst Communications, 2012)

Internet advertising effectiveness to traditional media:
Radio has not replaced newspapers; TV has not replaced the movies or the radio. Satellites and cable did not replace broadcast TV. Television has its own strengths. For example, it provides entertainment for the whole family and is easy to use. Especially for those who are not too familiar with the Internet. (Komal Nagar, 2009) But increasing research in the US and Australia has found that use of the traditional yellow pages is declining. People are more likely to look for even local information online. Some figures suggest that this use of online search can be as high as 80% of all information searches. (Huba Pages, 2012) The Internet is a medium that provides an enormous amount of information. And users can navigate through according to their needs. (Komal Nagar, 2009)All in all, we can be witnesses to the history of how advertising is taking more and more opportunities online. The facts speak for themselves and it affects particularly paper news.

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