How Sexy it Has to Be to Make You Buy it?

One of the ways that ads are trying to attract more people is by using “sex sells”. It is a very logical solution for a couple of circumstance reasons. First of a240px-Ivoryso2ll, we are sexual beings, so advertisers can easily hope naked body to their brand logo will lock into the consumers mind. (WebMediaBrands, 2012) Another reason is that “sex sells” still works great and probably will be one of the most popular advertising formats for a long time. For example, this vintage Ivory Soap advertisement took in 1919. It shows a bunch of naked sailors, who are getting lathered up in the bath together while their friend hoses them off. (Idsgn, 2009)
Does Sex Actually Sell?
Yes, and the problem is that “sex sells” can be used by not only advertising products purchased for sexual reasons, like clothes or exercise equipment. In addition, companies are trying to get attention in this way for completely unrelated products like car-rental services or hearing aids. (WebMediaBrands, 2012) Furthermore, “sex sells” are getting more and more popular in a food industry. For example, company Bice had drastic bread advertisement with text “Bread Is Life”. Men genitals were simulated with bread help. It was released in Italy, 1998. (AdMe Group, 2004-2012) sex-sells8
On the other hand, these images are not only sexist, demeaning, but also harmful to all of us, especially for the youngest auditory. These advertisements command to people what are sexy and who is sexy. As a result, it may cause lots of eating disorders of bulimia and anorexia. Knowing the fact of a high rate of sexually transmitted disease and the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in the industrial world shows that ads show away too much sex in public. (International Journal of Advertisement, 2005)
All in all, gender in advertising occupies considerable role for more than hundred years. It is cannot be conflicting that “sex sells” do not do incredibly good advertisement effect, but it causes other social problems which should be solved. To show the treatment of men and woman it was used all kind of different advertisement, journals and articles about it from past and nowadays.

And for the end, I want to show you how easy and funny  LYNX shower gel used ”sex sells” strategy for their campaign. Is it subtle and successful? This leaves you to deal.

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