Effectiveness/Ineffectiveness of Advertising Campaign. Xbox – ‘Cops and Robbers’. Part 2

Creative strategy, message and channel factors:

It is known fact that there should be an element of creativity in advertising. This creativity is to create something new, unique, extremely attractive and appealing to the consumers. It takes a long time planning and part of the copywriter and creative director who shapes the final advertisement.
A creative advertisement is developed on sound strategy, outstanding
visuals, correct application of timing and media. All elements work together and communicate so that the end result is more powerful and effective. David Ogilvy once quoted that ‘’If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative’’
Xbox advertisement ‘Cops and Robbers’ is accompanied by Spanish guitar music. A fast rhythm reinforces the impact of excitement, which further supports the tension of advertisement. It easily attracts attention because of the extreme stunt triccops and robbers xboxks like jumping from one house roof to another. The advertisement is full of action like car chasing, helicopters and car stunt tricks. Also, has a great twist story as the chase is revealed audience understand that is been only a game of ‘cops and robbers’ between friends. They swap masks and police badges and immediately starting the countdown to begin another game. This twisted story could be one of the main reasons why this advertisement is so original. (Inspiration Room, 2007) It is Emotional Appeals and Transformational advertising, which is saying to buy Xbox, then you could feel excitement every time you play with it. (TeamXbox, 2006)

For many years communication theorists and advertising, scholars have suggested that consumers are likely to respond to persuasive messages in a variety of ways and for a variety of reasons. Consumers’ level of involvement will dictate the manner in which they will process and respond to advertising information. (Laczniak, R N, 1999) Cops and Robbers advertising contains explicit conclusion, but with good twist story. This makes this advertising not such a straightforward. It can be assumed that company decided to choose this plan because they are aimed at younger auditory. A one-sided advertisement is preferable when an audience is favourable and or less educated.
This advertising company is externally paced media because was created for television. Emotional responses which people feel during the commercial is divided into autonomic measures and self-report measures. Autonomic measures – psychological measures of emotional reactions, and they include skin conductance, heart rate and facial muscle movement measures. Furthermore, brain-imaging techniques have been added to the list as psychological measures. (Micu, Anca Cristina, 2010)
Self-report measures – it is tested when consumers answer questions about their feelings and emotions. After that, they indicate the visual representations that best match their feelings. Measures and magnitude scaling such as dial turns or mouse movement on a continuum. Self-report measures assess whether the findings helped to the idea of an advertisement or brand effectiveness. It is difficult to identify is ‘Cops and Robbers’ advertisement attractive by fast music rhythms and stunt tricks. Researchers showed that, when heart rate increases or decreases during the commercial, it is hard to say it had negative or positive stimuli for emotional response. On the other hand, facial muscle movement measures might be helpful because it records it from two muscles, which react differently to positive and negative stimuli. (Micu, Anca Cristina, 2010)
Advertisement’s shape and communication:

All in all, these factors shaped the advertisement to be a part of others. The message about the excitement of playing with Xbox was expressed by advertisements design with car chasing, helicopters and extreme car stunt tricks. Also, an advertisement is accompanied by fast Spanish guitar music rhythms, which creates tension. The advertisement designed for a favourable and less educated audience, because it is open-ended. Twist story is the main part for this advertisement, which helps to remember it for some time after watching it. On the other hand, it is difficult to say is it a good way to communicate with an audience, because it may have negative stimuli for emotional response.
By this emotional approach, the message fits with the AIDA model. This model consists of four parts of communication results: awareness, comprehension, conviction, and action. This model assumes that purchase will only be made when all the steps in the hierarchy of effects have been completed. (Tim Glowa, 2002) The attention is created by the first seconds were you can see worried people waiting in front of a roof-top door. The interest is maintained during all the chasing sequence.The desire appears in the same time of the chasing but after the interest, of course, since the adrenaline rush just comes after a while. In the end, an action is directly addressed by the slogan at the end “Jump in” which cannot be more direct than this. The advertisement is designed as fast-forward video because It starts on a roof, then in a tunnel and ends in the streets. The headline “Jump in.” Correlates with the whole stunts and running away package found in the entire video. (Tahar Oudghiri, no data)
Effectiveness / Ineffectiveness of the campaign:
The American Advertising Federation (AAF) announced the coveted award for Best of Show Winner one of ‘Jump In’ campaign advertisements. Nevertheless, this award was won by different advertisement of the campaign it is still extremely good effect for the whole campaign and McCann-Erickson agency. (Unknown, 2006) On the basis of this award, it can be assumed that this Xbox ‘Jump In’ campaign is successful. The goal of this campaign was to create cinematic ads to diffuse in theatres in order to correlate with the current experience the viewer is about to get, and, therefore, to remember it after the movie. The ad was also broadcast on television since the video format just made sense to do it, but on a secondary level. On a more collateral view, the internet was also exploited by making the viral campaign over hundreds of blogs and websites related to the digital entertainment. In the end, this ad had an effective way to break the clutter by using a selective distortion method. Viewers get “the tendency to interpret information in a way that will support what” they already believe: when you play a video game, you get immersed into the virtual world in a way where you “Jump in” the game, the same happens when watching the ad. (Tahar Oudghiri, no data) But there are still things which could be improved on ‘Cops and Robbers’ Ad. McCann Erickson agency replied for Microsoft and said that during the process of developing an advertisement Xbox tried to avoid any kind of conception about dangerous driving. They also consulted with Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC).
Despite that, ‘Cops and Robbers’ advertisement still got a timing restriction on television and in the end got banned in the UK. (Inspiration Room, 2007) Competitors from this advertisement can learn that the most important things are that advertisement must be creative and original, keeps viewers’ attention. Also, it sends the message directly by slogan ‘Jump In’, because they knew that main audience will be teenagers.

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