Different media: Virgin Atlantic – ”Suite and Innocent”

Advertising agencies are thinking creatively about different media where your message can appear. And it’s a good thing! But in some ways it can get out of hand. In 2004, Virgin Atlantic wanted to send a message for travelers about new seats they are using for their transatlantic flights. The advertising idea was that traveler might include a quick visit to adult channel while he’s staying in the hotel room. As a result, that’s where they placed Virgin Atlantic advertising called ”Suite and Innocent”. They labeled it as ”Free movie” and all advertising looked and sounded like a porn movie. But really was just 10 minutes ambiguous movie about Virgin Atlantic seats comfortability because they go all the way back. This kind of idea is naughty but used to draw lots of attention and free media coverage. Check this film by yourself.

Includes sound that might be not suitable for a work environment. (NSFW)

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