Car Advertising Pitches From the 70s

Ford Mustang 1972
Ford Mustang Mach 1 (1972) – Control and balance make it a beautiful experience

”You don’t sail a boat just to get across the water. The fun is in the doing. The pleasure of motion under control. Mustang drivers understand that. If all they wanted was to get from here to there, they’d be driving something else. Not a Ford Mustang. With independent front suspension and anti-sway bar to give good control, good road handling. With bucket seats to position you comfortably behind the wheel. With a cockpit design and floor mounted shift that give you a beautiful feeling the instant you’re inside. There are five sporty Mustang models: Hardtop, SportsRoof, Convertible, Mach 1, Grande. And a selection of five engines, three transmissions. What it takes to make driving a beautiful experience is what Ford puts into Mustang.”

Volkswagen Beetle (1973) - Can you still get prime quality for $1.26 a pound?
Volkswagen Beetle (1973) – Can you still get prime quality for $1.26 a pound?

”A pound of Volkswagen isn’t cheap compared to other cars. But what you pay for is the quality. Prime quality. Just look at what you get for your money: 13 pounds of paint, some of it in places you can’t even see. (so you can leave a Volkswagen out overnight and it won’t spoil.) A watertight, airtight, sealed steel bottom that protects against rocks, rain, rust and rot. Over 1,000 inspections per one Beetle. 1,014 inspectors who are so finicky that they reject parts you could easily ride around with and not even detect there was anything wrong. Electric Diagnosis that tells you what’s right and wrong with important parts of your car. A 1600cc aluminum-magnesium engine that gets 25 miles to a gallon of regular gasoline. Volkswagen’s traditionally high resale value. Over 22,000 changes and improvements on a car that was well built to begin with. What with all the care we take in building every single Volkswagen, we’d like to call it a filet mignon of a car. Only one problem. It’s too tough”

Chrysler Cordoba 1975 - The Small Chrysler
Chrysler Cordoba 1975 – The Small Chrysler

”This is Corboda. The Small Chrysler. An automobile in which you will enjoy not only great comfort… but great confidence. It is confidence you can see, the confidence of knowing your automobile possesses a look of great dignity. It is confidence you can feel, in thickly cushioned contour-seats available in rich crushed velour of soft Corinthian leather. It is confidence you experience when you are in control of a truly road worthy automobile. This is the confidence you will find a most surprisingly affordable small Chrysler. Cordoba.”

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