Brand = Adjective

Brand = Adjective

Each brand has his own adjective. According to Dan Wieden: ”Nike exhorts, IBM solves, Sony dreams.” Brand = Adjective. It might be difficult to differentiate your advertised brand from the others. One of the ways is to say: ”This type of drink is tasty and healthy, and the other company’s brand is not.” The problem is that company is competing with not the one brand. It can be thousands of them. And sometimes what you need is simplicity. SIMPLE = GOOD. Luke Sullivan in his book says that simplicity involves stripping your brand’s value proposition down to the bone and then again to the marrow, carving away until you get down to Brand = Adjective. Jus like example Dan Wieden mentioned. The problem is to choose a right adjective! All the focus groups  usually give complex analysis of the process when you are buying a new car. At it can go on for hours and even days.

Luke Sulivan mentions an amazing example: But if you ask a guy in the bar, ”Hey, talk to me about cars,” he’ll break it down to a word – usually an adjective. ” Yeah, gonna get me a Jeep. They are tough.” Porches, they’re fast. BMWs perform. And Volvos, they’re… What?

If you said ”safe”, you’ve given the same answer the most of the people are giving nowadays. You can try this example with your friends. The money Volvo has spent on branding has paid them off extremely good. (You can read more about ”Brand = Adjective” on Luke Sulivan book: ”Hey Whipple, Squeeze This”)

And there’s an interesting fact that Volvo isn’t that safety anymore. They are trying to change their image, knowing the fact that most of the new model cars are very safety as well. For example, in 2011 Volvo marketed their campaign called ”All New Naughty Volvo S60” And none of the safety features and innovations were brought to the public attention.

It means that Volvo is not reminding their consumers that Volvo is the safest car in the world. And in the end, they might slowly lose their positions in their Adjective. Many other companies have even more safety features these days. According to 2015 Business Insider ”The 8 safest card of 2015”: Two Subaru models, two Mazda models, Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Hyundai and still one Volvo. What it means, that competition of safety cars is increasing faster and faster. You can check this list here: the-safest-cars-of-the-year-2015

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