Bendix Corporation. Print Ad From the 70s (This isn’t the generation gap we’re worried about)

During the sixties and seventies, print art directors were the advertising industry’s luminaries. These masters of ”creative” designed the memorably beautiful ads of the era. One of this is Bendix print ad from the 70s. Bendix was engineering and manufacturing corporation which made automotive brake shoes, aircraft brakes, electric power systems, hydraulics etc. After 60 years of work, this company was absorbed in 1983. Reading this pitch, you can still easily link it to nowadays generation and social problems. That’s how good it is.

Bendix print ad
This isn’t the generation gap we’re worried about.

”For one thing, we’ve got too much faith in today’s young people. They seem to be more concerned and less hypocritical than any generation in history. And for another, this kind of gap had been a natural part of things since he early Egyptians. But there is a gap that does bother us. The ever widening gap between technical progress nad the generation of social advancement. All of man’s age-old social problems are still with us. Poverty. Crime. Prejudice. Injustice. Plus a few new ones, like pollution. You’ve probably asked yourself: ”Why can’t people that can put man on the moon and produce the highest standard of living in history solve these problems?” We can. And technology can help. But, you know as well as we do, that the big change has to take place within people themselves. And that takes good will – enough to think beyond self. Dedication – enough to get involved. All of us are fond saying: ”Why don’t they do something?” You and we are they. The Bendix Corporation.”

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