How to Advertise Potatoes


If you haven’t seen the movie “The Martian,” then it might seem strange to see a DVD placed for sale next to bag of potatoes. Long story short, Matt Damon on movie ”The Martian” was growing potatoes on Mars.

But for those who have, the Albert Bartlett potato company’s deal with Twentieth Century Fox to use Matt Damon’s face and their film to sell tubers is a stroke of genius. The DVD/Blu-Ray even comes with an Albert Bartlett advertisement!


But potatoes and a DVD aren’t the only things you stand to gain by this unlikely union. Spud lovers also have a chance to win a trip to a world renowned NASA facility, where “you’ll be put through paces on their mind-blowing Astronaut Training Experience® program to see if you have the ingenuity, spirit and strength to survive in space!”


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