Top UFC Lightweight Fighters (2018-March)

Top UFC Lightweight Fighters (2018-March)


  1. Tony Ferguson

Record: 25-3-0Tony-Ferguson-UFC-fighter-Lightweight

Age: 34; Height: 180 cm; Weight: 70 kg

Summary: Wrestling, Boxing, Ground & Pound, Conditioning

Tony states that his training routine is different every day and only one thing is the same: he is breaking the limits! “I’ve been pushing myself to get stronger, better, faster in the sport of MMA. I surround myself with good positive people doing the same thing I’m preppin’ for – competition!”

He had lots of jobs before started fighting. But for the longest time he worked as a Bartender. “I loved my job and loved being around so many people. I heard everyone’s life story, and I was able to be hospitable and have a good time.” (fight story)


2. Khabib Nurmagomedov

Record: 25-0-0Khabib-Nurmagomedov-UFC-fighter

Age: 29; Height: 177 cm; Weight: 70 kg

Summary: Wrestling

Khabib started his professional career in MMA at 2008, being a 19 years old at that time. “I had secured a few Combat Sambo awards by that time. My first fight I finished in the second round by RNC and was awarded submission of the night.” Khabib graduated from Financial Academy with honors and all his time dedicated to fighting and I did not have to work except for training youth and children in wrestling. (fight story)


3.  Eddie Alvarez

Record: 29-5-0eddie-alvarez-UFC-fighter

Age: 34; Height: 175 cm; Weight: 70 kg

Summary: Wrestling, Striking, Boxing

Eddie boxed as a young kid and wrestled when he was young. He fought a lot on the street just because as he states he had to. “I did well in high school wrestling and took a couple State and Catholic League titles. I couldn’t afford to go to college right away after high school so I started working and discovered an MMA gym near where I grew up. A friend invited me to train for a day and that was it. I fell in love”  Eddie did not got a chance to get a college degree but he consider himself to be a very learned individual. “I read a ton of books. I’m always reading at least one book at any given time. I’ve read about fighting, philosophy, war, psychology, success and business. I also read a lot about family and I constantly work on becoming a better husband and father. I’m always learning and trying to evolve as a human being.” (fight story)


4. Edson Barboza

Record: 19-5-0Edson_Barboza-UFC-fughter

Age: 32; Height: 180 cm; Weight: 70 kg

Summary: Explosion and aggression

Edson began fighting professionally in MMA in 2009, but states that he wanted to fight his whole life from early age.

Favorite striking technique: “All combinations of punches and kicks. Eleven wins by knockout, one by submission (anaconda choke). Has ended seven of 19 wins in the first round.
25-3 in Muay Thai with 22 Knockouts. Ended 17 fights in the first round. Highly decorated Muay Thai practitioner with many titles to his name. Has won six of his last nine.”
Do you have any heroes? Jesus Christ is my hero. (fight story)

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